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Test of volkodav
Test tests of Volkodav are indispensable "attribute" of these dogs.
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Test tests of Volkodav are indispensable "attribute" of these dogs. Perceiving tests as "fights", the inhabitant concerns to them in most cases negatively.

But, speaking frankly, it disturbs professionals very little. Security work and "tests" are that support on which keeps kavkazets (and the asian). Clean her is and from the person of the Earth the wolfhound will disappear! Today at exhibitions FCI we can already see "kavkaztsev" with down tails from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and of some the "civilized" countries cut and powdered. It is a caricature on a wolfhound as from it its main criterion - spirit is emasculated. These spiritual " show doggy", having kept an external image of proud breed, can win some any exhibitions. But in a duel with the contender their inferiority and ugliness at once will be shown. Therefore - yes tests are well! That fact, that having visited on so-called "fights" is indicative, people very quickly change the opinion on them. There is no murder, there is no cruelty, there are no mockeries. But there is a passion, courage, spirit, there are present "men" - severe and silent. On tests is not present defeated. Breed wins - win dogs - owners win. In my opinion, test duels it is a projection to our time of knightly tournaments of the Middle Ages. The history of test tests totals thousand years. This rather complex zoo technical the action which is taking place on it is very rigidly regulated to the rules numbering many hundreds of years!
Тестовые испытанияSubstantive provisions of these rules the following:
- "fight" can be stopped on demand of one of owners in any second; - the decision of the judge finally and no appeal ; - the dog who has submitted a voice (bark, squeal), showing a grin, beating the teeth, showing the "wolf" tactics, leaving of a duel is considered lost; - the use by owners of appeals such as « to kill is forbidden! » And to them similar, and also obscene expressions. Infringement of these requirements is punished by disqualification.
The basic criterion of test tests not a victory, and demonstration of the behavioral characteristics peculiar to Volkodav. The victory is a title bringing in tests an element of sports, and stimulus to cultivation of dogs with completely certain mental parameters. The most known test tournaments pass in Kiev, Kirovograd and Simferopol (Ukraine), Orel, Moscow and Kolomna (Russia), on Caucasus and in the Asian states. In 1999-2000 « tournaments in Kharkov and Nikolaev have typed weight ». In places of occurrence of Volkodav tests have national-traditional character. Such known and authoritative experts have brought to formation of tests as sports-entertainment zoo technical actions the greatest contribution as Mrs. Avetisjan, Mr.; Melnichenko, Pavlenko, Paly, Pugach, Moiseenko, Medvedenko, Doroshenko, CHalyj, Venediktov, Kopachev and many others Ukrainian kavkazisty and aziatchiki.
Ethological aspect of test tests of volkodav and a problem of refereeing
In this clause the question will be things actual and vital for anyone would like to test their dogs and consequently I want to warn at once: reflections of the author should not be considered as the offer to reconsider a rule of test tests.
Existing rules ancient enough that someone has dared to change them. But they assume the highest qualification of the judge, its intuition and thorough knowledge of the dog gestures and habits, differently refereeing turns to the police report on an exhibition of vanguard painting: formalities are observed, and the essence is perverted! Also put here at all in imperfection corrected, and in their variability. Let's analyze some typical enough situations and we shall like understanding of complexity of circumstances in which quite often there are the test-judges.

According to rules of test tests the dog is considered conceded ("lost", "not past"), if she: it is shown, the voice submits.
So - a grin, in this case as the certificate of defeat, and so - imperfect nervous system. Having seen a grin, the judge has the right to stop a duel and to award a victory to the opponent. Thus it always will be formally right. But whether always the grin (demonstration of canines) means capitulation? Judge: if the adult dog "is "exasperated" with the puppy how it will lead himself? Correctly, the scheme will be always identical: dissatisfied deaf growl - demonstration of canines (upper lips nervously rise) - easy impact by canines. In human language it sounds as « has bothered - get behind! » And here capitulation or, especially, fear?! Other situation: the extraneous person comes nearer to a wolfhound. Again the scheme will be always identical (it any trainer working with Volkodav) will confirm: indifference - falls a head (closer), the sight "grows heavy" - (even closer) uterine terrible growl with an exposure of canines - (a zone of reach) attack to defeat. But where here uncertainty? A situation the third: the volkodav is present, « doing his business », and in meter the domestic dog is broken off. If last it is inadmissible comes nearer, there is precisely same, as in our first situation. In what put? Yes that, first, grins are different *, and secondly, precisely to classify, that means a grin it is possible only in a complex with other characteristics a tail, a back, a wool, eyes. Unfortunately, the judge during test fight (prompt and lightning speed) he is not always capable to estimate value of a grin correctly.  The second important thing - submission of a voice. Let's address again to examples. What does the dog do during protection of an apartment when the enemy is behind a door? Correctly - barks and rushes on a door. If to speak about Volkodav long-term supervision allow to ratify as dominating following model of behavior: if the enemy behind a door does not undertake active actions the dog will stand silently, having prepared to attack in case anybody is not present a house, and is furious barking, if a dog of a house not alone. If the enemy becomes more active (for example, will kick at a door) in 99 % of cases the dog will furiously bark! We shall emphasize - speech does not go about shrill-hysterical bark, to peculiar "show-doggy CAO and KO". Than bark speaks in the named cases? Only impossibility to get the enemy, in other words-over excited! Whether can such happen with those who tests? Certainly! It can be both before fight, and in its course. For example, when the opponent has grasped also a wolfhound cannot "get" it. Here curious law is looked through. To "little bark" temperamental dogs are more inclined, and they differ in the "average" sizes. But in fact such dogs in the best way work (both on protection, and on tests)! Represent, what experience and knowledge are required from the judge to define, what exactly has sounded: «SOS» or « Watch Out! » Probably, the consolation here can be only one - refereeing always subjectively. And one more remark. During the test it is checked including a painful threshold, it is clear. Not clearly another. If the dog, having sustained grip in an ear during 60 seconds has screamed, it testifies... About its super-low painful threshold, (such painful threshold - the standard!). That is far from being always it is possible to lead the direct conclusion « result of the test - the characteristic of a wolfhound ». And agree, if the same person, having passed impact, has screamed, but has overcome a pain and has continued fight, it can characterize it only from the positive party. We of such opportunity deprive a wolfhound. Therefore let's concern with due respect and to owners of test Volkodav, and to dogs, and the main thing-? to judges! Importance and necessity (zoo technical first of all) test tests of Volkodav is not clear only to layman's and hypocrites, but it would be dishonest to not tell and about the most important problem of tests, as such: they are not a complex estimation of mental parameters of a wolfhound.
The following facts incontestably testify to it:
1) in tests can successfully participate kavkaztsy and the asians cautiously perceiving strangers;
2) champions - who pasted tests can are afraid of shots. In the first case the question is "only" absence of applied value of a dog which is to a greater or lesser extent handed down. With the second case of an affair are worse - here already the question is mental instability of a dog.
Welcoming aggressive reaction to a shot, fear of the last we classify as the lack, capable to cross out breeding career of a wolfhound.
What do we have?

A position of authors following.
1) Pedigree testing is not self-sufficient, only in a complex with security testing it gives a full picture of mental and physical standards of a wolfhound.
2) Security testing should be maximum correct and professional. Hardly a variant accepted in Russia, it is possible to count those. Practice of preparation of Volkodav has convinced us of center "Ares" that testing mentality in which are observed is necessary:
a) Pedigree features, in particular - territorial;
Тестовые испытания
b) a reality of a situation (in particular - equipment);
c) the importance of a situation for a dog. In connection with last item the situation when the excellent fighter force to begin a duel is recollected. Whether it is afraid?
Certainly is not present, it is simple for it there is no powerful reason for the beginning fights.
3) the Ideal variant of work of a test dog - the silent active beginning and conducting fight.
However experience and qualification of the judge should serve as the guarantor of fidelity of the decision accepted by him in duels where take place complex behavioral in little details. In any case unequivocal are squeal, hysteric as result of uncertainty or cowardice, and a grin in a combination with hair standing up and the lowered tail.
4) Special attentiveness of the expert is demanded with definition of interceptions and "little bites".
To finish to us it would be desirable words from very respective expert in this area of Mr. Kjarizov: « Tests of Volkodav are necessary for selection. Without them the volkodav will die ».
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